Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Midweek Randoms

I did a Midweek Randoms post last week even though there wasn't a link up. :)
Thank you to everyone who came to my CAbi party last week!! I should receive your stuff early next week & I will get it to you ASAP. To show my appreciation, I'm sharing my Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe with ya'll & any other lucky readers {if there are any} This was a huge hit at the party & pretty much is a hit any other time I make it. It's easy & delicious, can't go wrong with those 2 adjectives! I use 1/3 cup of Frank's pepper sauce, you could do more or less depending on how much heat you prefer. Serve with tortilla chips, warm flour tortillas or celery sticks. 
My favorite reality show is Big Brother. Tonight was the finale, and I gotta say, I'm kind of glad it's over! I've watched every season & this was the absolute worst cast ever! I liked all the new twists {MVP & letting a juror return} but I just wish there were better "game players" instead of all the lame "floaters". Nerd rant over...
...or not! I was so excited the new Apple operating system came out today! Not so excited that it took 7 hours to install it!! I haven't played with it much because my update literally finished installing at 10pm tonight! It is very pretty though. I love the bright colors! 
Sawyer Blake has decided not to nap this week. Monday & today he has stayed awake for over 12 hours straight. Good times for Nana & us! He is so tired though, that he doesn't even realize he's sleeping in his own bed! Score 1-0 for the grown ups!
I'm starting to think about Halloween costumes for SB. I've spied several of his favorite characters on Zulily this week that are cute, but I'm not sure how cooperative he will be with hats & such, so I need to probably keep it simple. He didn't cooperate, or stay awake for that matter, with his beard last year, but he sure was wittle & cute! :) 

Is it Friday yet?! 
xoxo - the Barnett's

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Midweek Randoms

In This Wonderful Life isn't hosting a link up this week, but I had this post ready to share, so here it is!
I posted about Sawyer's swimming lesson's here, but forgot to post a link on FB.
I'm hosting a CAbi party tomorrow night at my house. I had never heard of CAbi before until a friend of mine hosted a party a few weeks ago. I was skeptical going because the invitation pictured pencil thin, size XS girls and well, I'm an XL girl. Ha! My friend insisted that the clothes "ran big" so I went to her party & absolutely LOVED it all. All of the clothes are available in XS-XL, and get this THEY RUN BIG!! I bought 2 shirts at her party; one was this piko like shirt {I got it in white} in a size MEDIUM!!!
The other shirt I got is actually 2 shirts, I got this in a size large since its a little more fitted.
I encourage you to check out Mary's CAbi website & I STRONGLY encourage you to come to my party on Thursday night! What's better than wine, snacks & a personal shopping experience?
My 10 year reunion is coming up in a few weeks. Yuck! How am I getting that old!? Anyways, I'm debating on whether to go or not. I keep up with the people I want to on social media, so it won't really be a "reunion". I don't know, it could be fun. We shall see. Did you go to your high school reunions??
Lately, Sawyer Blake is talking SO. MUCH!! Every day he says something new & can repeat almost anything we say! I need to get a notebook or start taking notes on my phone so I can remember the funny things he says or does. The other morning, he found a dime on the floor and started saying "BOOM" "BOOM". This translates to "gold doubloons" in the gold coins Jake & the Never Land Pirates collect when they solve a pirate problem. Ha!
Thinking of those today who lost loved ones 12 years ago...a day that seems like just yesterday for everyone. Thankful for the people who fight to protect this flag. 
xoxo - the Barnett's

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Brandy's Sweet 16

My baby sister Brandy turned 16 in August. Throwing her a surprise party is no easy task, especially when you are the party planner/decorator/cook/photographer/host/dj. Ha! I did have a lot of help, but when I have an idea of how I want things to look or be done, I kind of like to take charge! We had the party in our backyard, it was hot but near as bad as it could have been for August in Arkansas! I think it turned out fabulous & everyone seemed to have a great time! 
The quality of my pictures is TERRIBLE!!! Some were taken with my iPhone in bad lighting & others with my camera; Sawyer had apparently adjusted the settings on my camera & I couldn't/didn't have time to figure it out so they're blurry & out of focus! Speaking of Sawyer, I somehow did not get a single picture of him at the party! Crazy, I know!! ;)
Our cousin Delaney had the very important job of getting her to the party in a surprise fashion! Delaney turned 16 two weeks before and had just gotten a new car. The girls had planned to go out the night of the party, but on their way, Delaney called our Nana and asked if she could come show her the new car. Nana told her "sure" but that she would have to come to my house to show her because she was over for dinner ;) Either our plan worked out great....or my sister is a good actress!
August was a busy birthday month! Delaney's 16th birthday was 2 weeks before, Brandy's friend Logan turned 16 the day before her, & my sweet husband "let" us have Brandy's party on his 32nd birthday! I surprised them all with their own mini cakes, and we sang "Happy Birthday" 4 times!!!!
There was dancing...
...and even twerking.
My niece Ginger who is 10, said the party was the "best night of her life" & couldn't wait to tell her friends that she went to her "first high school party".  
I hope it was an awesome night for this pretty girl too!
We love you Mon & hope you enjoy every bit of being 16!!!
xoxo - the Barnett's