Monday, July 30, 2012

Last weekend & other randoms...

Last Friday night we went to a party at Dr.R's house to honor a sweet co-worker of mine who is retiring next month. I have such wonderful, FUN co-workers!
 the deer...please don't ask!
Saturday night, we went to our sweet, sweet friend Donna's 50th birthday luau!
Sweet little loves!
 We hope you had a very happy birthday Donna!
And for the random...we have not really done much lately worth blogging. It's just so stupid hot we are either at the pool or hanging out at home in the AC!
I'm definitely over summer & would welcome cooler temperatures & football any day!
Aren't my babies so sweet :)
Sawyer is pulling up on anything he can get his hands on. He is not very graceful though! It's amazing that his face is not black & blue or that he's not knocked out the 1 & only tooth he's got.
He is all boy & this mommy needs some tougher skin to deal with that! ;)
Have a great week!

xoxo - the Barnett's

Sunday, July 22, 2012

8 months

Silly Sawyer boy turned 8 months old on Friday!!
Lots of new things happened this month! Here's what you've been up to buddy...
-You wear mostly 6-9 month clothes, sometimes even 12 month stuff if its been washed & dried
-Size 3 diapers
-You still eat 8oz. of formula every 4 hours during the day
-You LOVE to eat! You have cereal & fruit mid-morning, either fruit or veggie in the afternoon & a veggie for supper. You've been eating squash, carrots, avocado, potatoes, apples, pears, & bananas.
-You do really well feeding yourself different finger foods like your stars, Mum Mums, Cheerios, & french fries
-You're getting your first tooth!! Teething hasn't been too, too terrible so far. It has messed up your sleep at night mostly which is hard because you have been such a great sleeper pretty much since birth! I'm so not used to waking up to a crying baby in the middle of the night.
-You are crawling all around
- You try to pull up on just about everything. I get very nervous that you're going to fall & bump your head!
- Daddy lowered your bed so you don't fall out when you stand up.
-You love when we read your books to you.
-You give high fives
- You like giving yourself kisses in the mirror
- You can say "momma" & "dada" but you don't actually say it to us
- You are learning to wave bye-bye
-Most people still say you look just like daddy
- Aunt Jamie calls you her "miniature homie"

- We get lots of compliments when we're out about how cute your hair is. We know ;)
-You've been making lots of funny faces & noises with your mouth lately trying to feel your tooth
Sawyer - You have started looking less & less like a baby & more like a little boy this month. That makes my feelings sad & happy all at the same time! Your dad & I think you are the cutest, sweetest, funniest little boy in the world. We love you more than you will ever know!!

xoxo - The Barnett's

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And so it begins....

Time to childproof the house!!
Sawyer is a wild man in his walker! A couple weekends ago he managed to pull my Scentsy plug-in out of the wall socket and on to the floor. I haven't used it in forever & pretty much forgot it was even there within his reach...until I heard it hit the floor!

We have since put plugs in all of the outlets. Blake has started putting the little lock things on the lower cabinet doors.
I mean it when I say he is a wild! It's every man, mommy, or puppy for them self when Sawyer's on the loose!
He really tries hard to catch the dogs. It is so, so funny to watch him chase them around the house! Izzy has gotten smart & she will run to the carpet in one of the bedrooms so he can't get her. One of Sawyer's favorite places to park is near their food & water bowl...this really irritates them!
Blake & I have to use extreme caution when we are barefoot! It's best to just wear shoes or sit down & prop your feet up during walker time! I prefer the latter option :)
I have to put up barricades to keep him out of the kitchen when we are cooking...
I have a really cute video of him in his walker from the other day, but I can't figure out how to get it to blogger from my iPad. I may just post it on FB.

Our days of sweet, gummy smiles are soon to be gone!
Somebody is getting a tooth!!

xoxo - the Barnett's

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July

We had a good time celebrating the 4th with our friends & family. Blake's parents grilled hamburgers & hot dogs for everyone, we sat outside on the patio under the misters & watched Sawyer swim in his new kiddie pool!
Sawyer & Papaw
 Little swimmer!
 We went to Pops on the River that night. The fireworks show was very disappointing!! It only lasted 10 minutes which is very frustrating considering it took 1/2 an hour to get there & an hour or more to get home due to all the traffic.
Sawyer with Dee & J-Pa
This is the best we could do...there was too much going on for Sawyer to look at the camera!

xoxo - the Barnett's