Tuesday, September 27, 2011

32 1/2 week update

Really there is nothing new to report! Heartburn & fatigue continue & this belly of mine keeps growing. People keep saying "you are not gonna make it to November with that baby" or "are you sure there is only 1 baby in there?" I'm sure all pregnant women hear those comments at this stage of pregnancy. Today at the doctor, I measured 33 weeks, so we are right on track. I definitely recognize that this belly is big but I really don't feel that big. What I do feel though is this active litte baby in there! I LOVE LOVE LOVE feeling him wiggle & kick around! He really gets to moving in the evening & at night...I guess he is preparing me for being up all night in the near future!

We have not been doing much lately. Our lives are pretty routine & probably considered boring to some people. We both work long hours during the week. Our evenings usually consist of dinner, watching tv or doing housework for an hour or so & in bed by 9! Ok so we are definitely boring =) We have taken the dogs for a walk around the block a couple times since the weather has been so nice. Weekends lately are spent watching football of course, shopping & getting Sawyer's nursery ready.

We won't talk about last Saturday's Razorback game, although we had fun watching it @ Blake's parents, the game was such a disappointment =(

And just so I can post a picture for ya'll...we have been trying to prepare the dogs for having a baby brother...
The Cabbage Patch doll is still intact so I guess that's a good thing!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Randoms...

Well it's Wednesday night so we are on the downhill slope of another week! Right now I'm watching the finale of Big Brother, my FAVORITE reality show of all time! I have a feeling Rachel is going to win this year, & as much as I can't stand her, I'd rather her win over the other two "floater" finalist.

I've seen a couple commercials tonight that I'm pretty excited about. Bridesmaids comes out on DVD next Tuesday! I saw this in theaters & it is so dang funny! I can't wait for Blake to see it! Also, I saw an advertisement for the new season of Amazing Race, my 2nd FAVORITE reality show. If I ever had the nerve to try out for a reality show Amazing Race would be it ;) I love it!!

I'm on call this coming weekend so we don't have too much planned. I, as always, am looking forward to sleeping in, or at least not waking up to an alarm. Blake is going golfing on Saturday morning & I may go do a little shopping. My mom & sister are coming over Saturday afternoon to finish painting Sawyer's nursery which I am soooo excited about. I can't wait to share pics with ya'll when it's all finished!

This past weekend we tailgated in Little Rock before coming home to watch the Razorback game on tv. Tailgating is a whole new experience when you are the only sober one ;) but it was still so much fun!
Our tailgating neighbor had a 2 week old baby squirrel that he rescued after it fell out of a tree. He let us babysit 'Mikey' for a while...

Mikey especially liked napping on my baby bump :)

Speaking of baby bump, as you can see it is getting bigger & bigger. I am going to the doctor every 2 weeks now & he has told me that I have had the "model pregnancy". I went yesterday & surprisingly had not gained any weight since my last visit 2 weeks ago but my doc was not concerned so I guess I'm thankful for that! Nothing has really changed with my pregnancy other than that bigger belly, more shortness of breath & fatigue, & more frequent trips to the bathroom. I think if given the chance I could sleep for 2 days straight! Overall though, I feel great & everyday I get more & more excited about having this active little boy here to hold.

I've been wanting to share a couple things that happened right before we found out we were pregnant (other than my stupid broken wrist). I'm not really superstitious, but these 2 little coincidences are kinda special I think...
I found the baby in our Mardi Gras king cake this year!
And I got this fortune in a cookie about a week before we found out we were expecting!

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Football Season...

I am SO happy football season is finally here! I can easily say that this is my favorite, favorite, favorite time of year. We went to to the first Razorback game yesterday in Fayetteville. We haven't ever really tailgated @ a Fayetteville game, but we found a pretty cool place close to the stadium with some other fans, and even though it was freaking hot, we had a good time.
We should have taken a picture yesterday morning before we got all hot & sweaty. I probably wouldn't have even posed for a picture but I had to have one of Sawyer @ his first Razorback game. =) I think it turned out pretty cute.

While the boys were tailgating yesterday, I walked over the Hog Heaven store on campus and got Sawyer a couple of things...
A guy sitting next to us at the game said that our baby either had to play golf or be the kicker for the Razorbacks. Both of those options sound pretty good to me. =)

The Hogs played great! I have a feeling this is going to be a very exciting season!

Our puppy girls stayed with their grandparents yesterday & last nite. They also have two boxer puppies so the 4 of them played hard all day. It was the first time our babies had stayed the night away from home & my MIL said they were restless & cried all nite. They were so happy to see us when we picked them up this morning but they crashed as soon as we got home & that is pretty much how we have all spent our day...lounging around & napping! So glad to have an extra day off tomorrow! Here is a pic of the girls my in-laws sent me yesterday...
Happy Labor Day Everybody!!