Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is Halloween... the Barnett's!
In the past, I've been torn between decorating for Halloween or doing more fall/football stuff. This year was easy though. My mom & Nana used to go all out decorating their houses for each holiday when I was little & I loved it so much & as I got older, I loved helping them decorate as well. I want to try & give Sawyer and any future children of ours those same types of memories so here's a collage of our Halloween decor this year!
A lot of my stuff was passed down to me from Nana, so I enjoy seeing it out in our home!
Another favorite memory & tradition in our family is eating Nana's chili on Halloween night!
Every year that I can remember growing up, Nana would cook a huge pot of chili & our entire family would go to her house to eat & trick or treat!
It doesn't get any better than Nana's chili. It is a big pot of creamy, cheesy goodness!
For the past several years, Nana has been coming over to my house to cook the chili on Halloween as she did tonight. My mom & brother & sisters came over to eat & hang out as well.
Nana passed out candy for us while we took Sawyer, dressed as a garden gnome, trick or treating. He however, passed out at our first stop, which was Mema & Papaw's house up the street, so we went back home!
The hat/beard combo was only worn while sleeping! He was not interested in it AT ALL when he was awake! Ha!
We didn't have many trick or treaters which is kind of disappointing, but we still had a lot of fun hanging out with family!
For fun,  here is a picture of me from Halloween night last year...
9 months preggo! My how time flies!
Happy Halloween!!
xoxo - the Barnett's

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mud Run 2k12

I participated in the Mud Run last Saturday with my friends Lindsey & Anna. It was so much fun!!
Here we are before the race.
Ready to get muddy!
I was creepily taking pictures of people from behind but only because they were wearing interesting & hilarious costumes! Ha!
These Christmas presents were caroling their way through the race.
"Tramp Stamp"...
 Pac Man being chased by ghosts...
Uncle Si!
and there are just no words for this guy!
Blake & our friend Aaron came to watch our finale in the mud pit. Here I am atop mud mountain! Blake missed getting pictures of our awesome slides down the mud :(
The mud was SO SO cold!! I don't think I was able to feel my toes till later that night!
 Our after picture! I love that we were "photo bombed"!!
xoxo - the Barnett's

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

11 months

Sawyer turned 11 months old this past Saturday! We celebrated the day at the pumpkin patch which I posted about here.
The pictures I took of him this month! He wasn't giving out too many smiles, but he was super busy!
- You almost have 4 teeth now! Two on bottom & 2 almost finished coming in on top!
- We've added more protein to your diet! You've had shredded chicken, ground hamburger meat & beans!
- You're favorite foods are any kind of potato & mac-n-cheese
- You've been drinking pear, grape & apple juice out of a sipee cup along with some water
- Still drinking 4 8oz bottles of formula a day
- Size 3 diapers
- Mostly 12 month but some 18 month clothing...we've got to go shopping for fall/winter stuff!
- No new words this month
- You LOVE watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 
- You still thoroughly enjoy any & all commercials...especially "The Fat Loss Center" Ha!
- You are starting to let go & can stand alone for several seconds, but haven't taken any steps
- You think sneezing is HILARIOUS!!!
- You are clapping "yay" & doing "patty cake"
- You make a bee line to the dog food bowl if we leave the laundry room door open
- You won't go to sleep at night unless you're in bed with us or mommy lays down next to your crib...Mommy may or may not be to blame for this ;)
- You like climbing up & down stairs
- You clear everything off my nightstand every morning while I'm getting ready for work
- You like pressing buttons & reaching for things hanging from the ceiling
- You make all kinds of silly noises with your mouth & will mock noises daddy makes sometimes
- You never meet a stranger! You will smile at just about anyone that talks to you.
- Your face lights up every day when I pick you up from Nana's...which is the best feeling in the world for me!
Sawyer - I cannot believe that in just 1 more month you will be a year old! You are acting more & more like a big boy instead of a baby each day. You have the sweetest, funniest personality. Daddy & I love you so, so, so much!!!
xoxo - the Barnett's

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Sawyer Blake turned 11 months old yesterday! I have not taken his pictures yet, so I'll do his official monthly post later.
After brunch with my friends Katie & Kristie from work, we celebrated being 11 months old at the pumpkin patch in Mayflower!
Ready to go in his new wagon!
 Cutest pumpkin in the patch if you ask me!
 Picking out the best one...
 Picture time!
 Super happy smile with Papaw & Mema...
 hanging in there with J-Pa & Dee...
 Still giving a grin with Aunt Brandy...
 DONE! No smiles for Mom & Dad. Ha!
 Poor kid was soo tired he passed out before we got to the car.
xoxo - the Barnett's

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Random Ramblings...

First - there is a blog silent auction going on to benefit Julee & Preslee Turner this week. There are some great things out there to bid on- I did my fair share of bidding yesterday when I was home sick. Click here for the rules & links to the blogs with items being auctioned off. 

I wish I had the time to blog regularly...impossible with a full-time job & an almost 11 month old. Oh, well. Until I strike it rich, random blogging it will be!

Saw-man is insanely busy & insanely cute! I've recently joined Instagram since I've recently joined the rest of the human race in getting an iPhone! I know right!! Anyways, I've been posting at least 1 picture of my cute babyman a day because I literally can't help myself. I will also admit that I enjoy coming up with clever #hashtags...clever to me anyways! I share the pics on FB & Twitter too because...well, I don't have many Instagram followers! Ha!
BTW - my username is Barnett517 ;)
Sawyer got a couple new toys this week...
Mema got him the 4-wheeler long before he was born. It's crazy to me he is actually big enough to ride on it some now! Blake & I got him the Laugh & Play Puppy last weekend. Its one that he can sit on or push, it also sings & lights up which is what he likes most! The Laugh & Play Puppy stuffed animal is one of the first toys we bought him after he was born so I love that he has "big boy" version now.
Speaking of toys....this is how we roll nowadays!
The living room looks like this most nights when we go to bed.
I'm learning to live with it...
Getting back to the cuteness...he likes to cut up with dad at the breakfast table!
One of his new favorites, is grabbing the chains on the ceiling fans if we walk under one while holding him. When he did that this week, I noticed a couple new additions headed our way...
This princess has not had near enough attention the past 11 months & she lets me know about it quiet often. My first sweet baby - Miss Izzy
She really does love her brother even though she acts bothered by him most of the time. I watched her play tug of war with him the other night & she was SO gentle.
I think the more table food Sawyer eats, the more the pups like him too ;)
Here are the 3 of them begging for ice...
Cracks me up!

I need help picking a Halloween costume for Sawyer!!
Also - I want to take him to Boo at the Zoo. I've never been so,  those of you with kiddos that have been - would this be something to bother taking him to at his age? Obviously he won't be riding rides or eating candy, but is there other stuff he would enjoy?
 Suggestions PLEASE!!!

xoxo - the Barnett's

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Silence for the Turners

  Today is Matt Turner's funeral.

Please keep sweet Julee, Preslee & all of the Turner family in your prayers!

xoxo - the Barnett's

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Prayer...& our weekend

Please pray for the family of Matt Turner. Matt, a local tv news anchor, was in a fatal car accident last night. His wife Julee has a blog I've been reading for several years & I feel as though I "know" her through her blog. They have a beautiful daughter Preslee who is the same age as Sawyer. My heart has been aching for sweet Julee & Preslee all day. Please, please keep them in your constant prayer.
Life is so precious. Please don't take one single day for granted.
We had lots of plans going into the weekend. Our plans for Friday night though were canceled at the last minute, so we hung out at home & Sawyer & I went to bed early!
Saturday, I spent the morning on the phone with AT&T setting up our new wireless receiver. Seriously, it took almost 2 hours! I guess it was worth it though. Blake, J-Pa, & our friend Aaron got to watch the Razorback game on the back porch while they were building a step in the cold, rainy weather.
 Sawyer & Izzy supervised from warmer, drier conditions :)
 So glad our Razorbacks finally won!! WPS!!
We went out to dinner Saturday night with J-Pa & Dee.
 On Sunday morning, my sisters came over to get ready & go to Hot Springs with us. We had to watch The Vow first though...
 We spent the afternoon at the Hot Springs Arts & Crafts fair - we go every year, mostly for the Kettle Corn :)
We then went to visit Mimi & Papaw Pete at their houseboat on Lake Ouachita!
Sawyer was so proud to have his hands in his pockets!

Hope you all have a safe & wonderful week!

xoxo - the Barnett's