Sunday, April 22, 2012

Red - White Spring Football Game

Yesterday we went on a day trip to Fayetteville to watch the Razorback's spring football game. The weather was awesome & we had a great time!!
Sawyer man all ready to go bright & early to his first football game...
It takes a lot to travel with a little one, even for just a day! Ha!
We got there around 11:30 and walked to the stadium for Razorfest. We then walked back to the car to put the stroller up & rode a bus back to the stadium for the game. I carried Sawyer in the Moby Wrap my friend Jamie let me borrow & he loved it! We sat in the shade under the press box during the game so Sawyer didn't get sunburned. It was a little windy & chilly there though so I had to snuggle the little guy up.
Some of our favorite former Razorback players were at the game...
Ryan Mallett (in the white t) with Joe Adams accepting an award for his performance last season...
My favorite..DJ!! :)
 Ryan Mallett, Felix Jones, & DJ Williams...
There were tons of fans at the game & we were so excited to be there...even with all the drama that has been going on. The football team looked great & we're looking forward to another fun season!
The best part of our day was after the game. We went to dinner then went to an autograph session with DJ Williams at a jewelry store in Fayetteville! It was so awesome!! DJ was so nice & he took Sawyer out of my arms & was talking to him & Sawyer just grinned at him. We joked with him about how Sawyer would really help him pick up the ladies...he said he wouldn't mind keeping Sawyer for a while =) He gave Blake & I each a signed picture of himself from Green Bay, plus he signed one of Sawyer's monogrammed burp cloths & Blake's hat. And the best part is this awesome picture he took with my baby boo...
 WPS & Go Pack!

xoxo - the Barnett's

5 months

Sawyer Blake turned 5 months old on the 20th!
My sweet baby boy is getting so big!

Sawyer, you are such a fun, happy baby...even though these pictures may not show it. Ha! Lately, you have not been a big fan of the camera!
-You're wearing size 3-6 month clothing
-Size 2 diapers & we still prefer Pampers
-You're eating 8oz. of formula every 4 hours
-You are such a great sleeper! You still sleep all night long, waking up between 5 and 6 am for a bottle. After your morning bottle, I keep you in the bed with me to snuggle :)
-You LOVE eating. Everything has been homemade for you. So far you have had bananas, sweet potato, apples, & avocado. You haven't turned down any of the new foods & you haven't shown any allergies to them either which we are thankful for!
-You still act like you are teething because you drool constantly & shove anything you can get your hands on in your mouth, but you have not cut any teeth yet.
-You do lots & lots of talking
-Your giggle is the sweetest sound I've ever heard!
-You mock your daddy when he makes silly sounds & blows bubbles
-Just this week you finally rolled over from back to belly!! You usually hate being on your belly though after a few minutes & refuse to roll yourself back over so you just cry until someone helps you :)
-3 mornings this week I've woken up & found you on your belly in your bed...& its scared me to death every time!!
-You've started sucking on your bottom lip...a lot!
- You can hold your own bottle most of the time
-You reach out to grab the dogs when they get near you & you love to watch them play! Tess is not as scared of you as she used to be & Izzy would lick your face off if we let her! Ha!
-You're still sleeping in the play yard next to my bed.
-Bath time is still a favorite!
-I've been reading "I Love You More" & "Llama, Llama Nighty Nite" to you at bedtime. You really like looking at the pictures. We've also downloaded some children's books on the iPad we read to you as well.
-You like riding in your stroller when we go on walks.
-You make the funniest faces sometimes. I just know you are going to be a little ham.
-You can get quiet the little temper at times but for the most part you are sweet & silly :)
Baby boy, it makes me sad sometimes that it seems you are getting too big too fast. But, everyday you are doing something new or making new sounds & it is just such a joy to watch you change & grow. Your daddy & I love you SO SO much!!

xoxo - the Barnett's

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekend Recap & Random Wednesday

After work on Friday, Blake, Sawyer & I went to dinner @ Chili's...I had a coupon for free dessert they sent me for my birthday :) While we were waiting to be seated, Sawyer had a little make-out sesh with his car seat...
...such a crazy kid! He's teething so whatever he can get his hands on goes in his mouth!
After dinner we came home & watched a movie. Blake was finally able to find one of my favorites on Blu-Ray, so he gave it to me as an early birthday gift...
I Love You, Man
This movie cracks my stuff up! If you haven't seen it, please do so! Ha!
Saturday afternoon/evening my best friend from high school Kim & I hosted a bachelorette party for our other best friend Sunni. I love these girls!
Kim & I had so much fun with the raunchy decorations...
We love you Sunni & I can't wait to see you as a beautiful bride in less than 2 weeks!!
Sunday was my birthday! I turned the ripe ol' age of 27! I got to sleep in, which is all I really asked for, meaning Blake got up & gave Sawyer his 5am bottle & I got to sleep! Once we got up, we went & had breakfast at Cracker Barrel, my favorite! I'm not sure why the hostess thought we needed this, but here's Sawyer checking out the kids menu...
We did order him some applesauce - which we won't be doing again...a small bowl cost almost THREE dollars - half the price of my breakfast entree!!!  He loved it but next time we will take our homemade applesauce from home, one 89cent apple makes 3-4 servings for him! Anyways...when we got home, I napped relaxed on the couch with boo & caught up on some DVR.
Sunday afternoon, Blake's parents came over & we grilled steaks, corn & baked potatoes. YUM! Sawyer had fun on the back porch while daddy was grilling...
I had a great birthday weekend spending time with my amazing family & friends!!


My birthday surprise arrived Monday while I was at work...
The New iPad 3!!!
I love it so much! I may be a tad bit spoiled. I've found tons of cute covers on Etsy for it, I've just got to pick one & when I do, I get that for my birthday as well :)

My baby will be 5 months old on Friday!!!! I can't believe it. Check back then for his monthly post.

Izzy & Tess are not to fond of the new tile floors. They're divas & enjoy laying on soft, plush surfaces...good thing because they are now finally making use of the bed I bought them 2 Christmas' ago!

Wednesday is my favorite night for tv lately. Criminal Minds comes on & our new favorite, hilarious show Duck Dynasty!!
Duck Dynasty
You HAVE to watch this show! It's great. Wednesday nights at 9pm on A&E.

I could bore you with more ramblings I'm sure, but I'm late for Bunco! Ha!

xoxo - the Barnett's

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

April is going to be a fun & busy month for the Barnett's.We have something planned already for every weekend!

I left work early on Friday so we could go to Toad Suck to celebrate Grandma Barnett & Blake's cousin Todd's birthdays/Easter.
I met Blake & Sawyer @ my in-laws house when I got off. They are extending their back patio & were having concrete poured so we put Sawyer's footprints in the new patio...
 Sawyer had fun seeing his great-grandparents at the party...
And his Aunt Karen & Uncle Brian...
Four generations of one very strong Barnett gene...
On the way home from Toad Suck, we stopped by my sister's house in Little Rock for my niece's 9th birthday party...
Sawyer got us up about 7 on Saturday. Blake cooked breakfast then we cleaned out the garage...I'll spare you pictures of that!
Saturday afternoon we went to Leland's 1st birthday party at Tyndall Park. Sawyer did what he does best at birthday parties...SLEEP!
 How cute is Leland in his new car?!?!
 Sawyer woke up to play in the ball pit before we left. Sweet babies!
We enjoyed the beautiful weather Saturday evening & hung out in the back yard while Blake grilled. After dinner, I went to the store to pick up some Easter goodies. When I got home the boys were asleep so I dyed Easter eggs by myself! Ha!
Sunday morning, we laid in bed an played & talked with Sawyer - my favorite time ever because he is such a sweet, happy baby when he wakes up!! Then, we got up to see what the Easter Bunny left...
The Easter Bunny was so nice to leave a little something for everybody in Sawyer's basket ;)
He must have known I've been dyyyyinng for a Reese's Egg all throughout Lent!
I made French Toast Bake for breakfast yummy! Sunday afternoon, we had some of my family over to eat dinner My dad had left to go to the lake for the week, my sister Jamie was with her bf & his family, my brother & his gf had to work so just my mom, nana & baby sister Brandy came over. Sawyer wasn't feeling well & was very fussy but we still had a nice time.
Hope you all had a Happy Easter & enjoyed time with your families as well!

xoxo - the Barnett's

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

" I'm not lucky, I'm blessed. Yes" - Nicki Minaj
View more of Sawyer's Easter pictures here.
My sweet boy is running fever tonight :(
Please pray he is just teething & not getting sick.

xoxo - the Barnett's

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Pictures

A lot of you have probably seen these pictures on FB tonight but I wanted to share here too. Jessica at J.Pilk Photography had an Easter mini photo session last weekend & here are some of her amazing shots of our Sawyer boy...

Please do yourself a favor & go 'LIKE' J. Pilk Photography on FB here & Jessica's blog here!

xoxo - the Barnett's