Friday, April 26, 2013


Guide to celebrating your 28th birthday....

Wake up bright & early, because even though it's YOUR day, people still need LVAD's implanted.
Eat LOTS of sugar.
Go out to dinner with two REALLY handsome guys.
Tour the local beer brewery.
 Just finished our tour ❤
And last but not least...
 Pretend like it's your 18th birthday & get a TATTOO on your wrist.
xoxo - the Barnett's

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter is one of my very favorite holidays.
I love why we celebrate it & how we celebrate it.
Before church, we had breakfast & let Sawyer see what the Easter bunny left for him...
New PJs, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, candy & golf clubs. He also got a splash table that the silly bunny left in the back of my 4-runner ;)
Blake & I hosted an Easter dinner & egg hunt for my family again this year.
It is always so fun & entertaining when we're all together!
Sawyer found an egg!!!
He thought the eggs were balls & gave them a good chunk when he'd find them!
 He much preferred rolling around in the mud & wet grass to hunting Easter eggs!
 The big kids were pretty competitive of course!
 I'm so glad the rain went away & the sun came out! It was a gorgeous afternoon!
Photo bomb! 
 This is the best you get with 4 kids jacked up on Easter candy!
We hope you all enjoyed the day with your loved ones!
xoxo - the Barnett's
All photos courtesy of my sister Jamie