Sunday, December 30, 2012


Holy cow! December has been so, so busy!! It exhausted me all over again just going back through the pictures! Ideally, each event would have its own post, but, if you make it to the end of this you'll see I just have not had time! ha!
The day after Sawyer's 1st birthday, we went to Korbin's Milk & Cookies 2nd Birthday Party! Sawyer loved being right up in the middle of the present opening!
My niece Ginger danced during halftime of a Trojan's game.
 We had so much fun at the game!
Sawyer's cousin Josh turned 6 this month & he had fun playing with the big boys at his party!
We went to our town's Christmas Parade with friends & went out for pizza afterwards!

On December 8th, we did the Light up the Night 5K with my friends from work! It was so much fun!!
Sweet Bailey celebrated her first birthday! I love the precious kids that are growing up waayy too fast!
I won Sawyer's Mickey Mouse Longall in a blog silent auction to benefit Julee & Preslee Turner before I knew Bailey was having a Minnie Mouse party. I was so happy he got to wear it for the first time to such a special event!
Mid-December, we spent practically an entire weekend with our favorites, the Battistone's!
On Friday the 14th, they hosted a children's night with Santa. I'm saving Saw's Santa pics for a separate post, but here are some of him having fun dancing & listening to Christmas carols!

Saturday the 15th, Sawyer spent the night with Nana & we went back to the Battistone's for their annual Christmas open house! We got to tell Santa what we wanted :)
We love this wonderful family!!
On the 16th, we watched the Cowboys vs Steelers game with them & celebrated Franco's birthday. Sawyer had to represent both teams ;)

 How sweet is this?!?!
 Dr. R hosts our office Christmas party every year at his home.
Their tree is huge!!
VAD team
Me & my love
Phew! All of that was just leading up to the big event...CHRISTMAS!!
xoxo - the Barnett's

Monday, November 26, 2012

Arkansas vs. LSU

One of my very favorite patients gave Blake & I her tickets to the football game on Friday! Even though I had zero expectation that the Razorbacks would win - I broke my usual day-after-Thanksgiving tradition of shopping, eating leftovers, watching football & decorating for Christmas to go to the game...just in case!
Blake drove the scenic route to Fayetteville...I slept!
My patient is a season ticket holder so she also gave us her excellent parking pass!
A picture taken from our parking spot right outside the stadium!
Our seats were pretty great too!
We weren't all that prepared for how cold it turned out to be, so we froze our butts off the entire time. Luckily, there were some good moments in the game to stand up & cheer about, so that helped.
It was a fun day together!
After the game we had dinner at Doe's *yum* then headed home.
Poor Razorbacks :(
I'm a solid fan no matter what, but I can't say I'm sad to see this season end.
Maybe next year!
xoxo - the Barnett's

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving! I'm glad Blake & I are at a stage in life where all we have to do is show up & eat! Ha! Seriously though, we both have amazing parents & grand-parents that do all of the DELICIOUS cooking - we are so thankful for that! I'm pretty sure Thanksgiving was the best day of Sawyer's life! The boy loves to eat & he couldn't get enough dressing, ham, mac-n-cheese, & mashed potatoes!
We first had lunch at Blake's Mema & Papaw's. Since they just live up the street from us, Sawyer enjoyed a wagon ride to their house!
 He got lots of laughs playing in the leaves!
 And had fun playing with his cousin Josh!
 After lunch at Mema's, we went home to take a nap. I tried laying with him in our bed, but he found a more comfortable spot in the floor, with his feet under the bed! Silly kid!
 My family came over to our house for supper this year. Everyone had a blast hanging out, playing with Sawyer & practicing the Gangnam Style dance! 
Sawyer & his Aunt Mon :)
Sisters :)
Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!
xoxo - the Barnett's

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sawyer turns 1

Sawyer's actual birthday was on the 20th.
I left work early to pick him up from Nana's and take him to his 12 month well-child check-up.
Before we went to the doctor's office, I spoiled him with some french fries & a frosty from Wendy's :) It's a good thing I did too...
Poor guy got a shot in each leg, one in his left arm, and his right big toe was pricked!
We arrived home from the doctor to find this...
J-Pa & Dee had come over with birthday surprises for Saw-man! He loves Mickey Mouse! Inside, they left a Sawyer size Micky Mouse Clubhouse couch & stuffed Mickey!
My baby & I spent the afternoon playing & napping! It was wonderful!
When daddy got home, we got ready & went to dinner at Chili's.
We ordered Sawyer a cheeseburger with a side of mashed potatoes for gotta go all out when you're 1 right!? He much preferred the mashed potatoes over the cheeseburger!
The waitress brought us him a chocolate molten for his birthday treat!
Can you tell he is thrilled?
I remember this moment like it was yesterday! Greatest day of my life!!
What a wonderful year it has been!!
We love this sweet boy more than anyone could imagine!!
xoxo - the Barnett's

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party: Gifts

I asked our guests to NOT bring gifts for Sawyer but to instead bring a donation for our local Humane Society. I did this for a number of reasons:
1) Most importantly, we love animals, especially our puppy princesses, so its only right that we give back to the puppies & other animals in need.
2) Sawyer will be spoiled rotten by us & his grandparents on his actual birthday & with Christmas coming up.
3) Sawyer does not even play with the toys he already has - he is much happier playing with a cell phone, i-pad, door stop, pots & pans, etc - so it seemed wasteful to me for people to spend money on a toy that most likely he would outgrow before he was interested enough to actually enjoy & play with. Their money was better spent on helping others.
Our guests brought so many wonderful, needed items to donate as well as monetary donations!
Thank you all for your amazing gifts!!
At 1 year old, Sawyer doesn't know that he is "missing out" on being given things. I plan on doing this at all of his future birthday parties, at least until he is old enough to make a decision. It is my hope though, that by looking back at this and any future birthday posts in addition to our parenting influence, that Sawyer will have a giving heart & that he will choose also to give to those less fortunate throughout his life.
xoxo - the Barnett's 

Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party: Photo Booth Fun

Sweet Jessica from J.Pilk Photography let me borrow her backdrop from the Razorback Mini Sessions she did earlier this fall. We hung an empty picture frame in front of it, provided some fun props, a camera & well....see for yourself!
Thank you all for helping make Sawyer's 1st Birthday Party amazing!!!
xoxo - the Barnett's