Sunday, February 26, 2012

Food Love

No Sawyer picture overload this time! ;) I wanted to share one of my other loves with you & that's FOOD! ha! I love cooking & trying new recipes! I get most of my new recipes from other blogs, Google & now of course Pinterest! These are some of the things we have tried @ the Barnett house recently...remember that the colored words are links that will open in another window. The photos come from the source but the review is my own!

from Pinterest
We had these for lunch a couple weekends ago & they were delish! I bought a bottle of Kraft Chipotle Mayo instead of making it as instructed in the recipe. I used the leftover ingredients to make sandwiches for lunch that week as well.

from Pinterest
I made this several weeks ago. It was pretty easy to make & it made A LOT! He didn't come out and say it, but Blake wasn't a huge fan of this. I thought it was ok, but probably not something I'd make again.

from Pinterest
This enchilada recipe will not disappoint! Blake was a little sketchy about trying them because of the green chilies, but he did & he says he liked it. I looooovvved them! I ate all the leftovers for lunch & supper again one night. My only complaint would be that the prep time is a little long for a weeknight, for me anyways. I could have cooked my chicken ahead of time to make it quicker. Regardless, I will definitely be making these again!

from Pinterest...are you noticing a trend here ;)
This one had great potential. I screwed it up though! My crock pot only allows you to cook either on high for 8 or10 hours & low for 4 or 6 hours. I started this at 6:30 in the morning, we don't get home usually until 4, so I put it on to cook for 10 hours. Well, that was too long. The chicken was very tender & the ham was good, but my cheese burnt to the stuffing on top :(
I will be giving this one another try, but on a day we're home so I can use a shorter cook time & I'll probably wait to add the cheese during the last hour or two of cooking.

from Pinterest
O.M.G. this was amaaazing! So easy & soooo very yummy! I took this to the Super Bowl Party we went to & only brought home 2 pieces. Just thinking about this deliciousness makes me want some RIGHT NOW...too bad I gave up sweets for lent.

Ok, I have so many more to share, but right now I've got a sweet crying baby to tend to & the Oscars are starting!

Please comment if you have any questions about these recipes or if you try any, let me know how it turns out for you!

xoxo - the Barnett's

Monday, February 20, 2012

3 Months

Someone is excited about being 3 months old today!!
As always, I can't believe how big you are getting & how much you change everyday!
You are such a good & happy baby!!
You do know how to throw a good fit though!
-You are eating 6oz. of formula about every 4 hours
-You've been sleeping through the night (10pm-5am) for the last month
-You are wearing 3 month clothes, size 1 diapers
-You are such a strong baby! You hold your head up really well & can sit in your Bumbo for longer periods of time
-You LOVE bathtime!!
-You rolled over from your belly to your back for the first time on Valentine's day...I had the video camera out recording when you did it. You rolled over 4 times that night but have not done it since! So glad I have some video proof!
-You have really started drooling alot & sucking on your fingers & hand. I've felt around, but you don't have any teeth coming in yet.
-You really like to watch tv!
-You love watching your sisters play :)
-I think you look more & more like your daddy everyday!
-Mommy went back to work & you have been staying with your Nana some days & Mema the others
-We love to hear you talk! It is so cute. You also do this fake cough thing that is really cute!
Here is a look back at your 1 & 2 month photos compared to this month...
We love you so much sweet boy!!

xoxo - the Barnett's

Sunday, February 19, 2012

We Survived!

We survived my first week back at work! No medication required!! ;)

I pretty much cried myself to sleep Sunday night & then started again Monday morning when it was time to leave our house. He was asleep when I dropped him off so that made it a little easier, but I still cried until I got to the interstate & had to suck it up because it was snowing/sleeting. We did really good at getting out of the house on time & me getting to work earlier. Since I'm going into work at 8, I've been able to leave at 4 every afternoon & get home a little sooner. I hope to continue to do that because having that extra hour in the evening with my boys has been great!!

Sawyer stayed with Nana 3 days this week & here are some of the pictures text to me...
Jamie sent the picture above & the caption read: It's official...Your baby is the coolest ever!! Not to mention most spoiled. Nana rearranged her entire den for him! He is glued watching Nemo. And TALKING to the TV. Cutest thing ever!!!!!
Getting these texts

We have had a great weekend! The 3 of us went out for sushi on Friday night. On Saturday & Sunday we just hung out at home. We are somewhat addicted to Lemon Tree so we went there Saturday afternoon. Blake had pralines flavored yogurt & I had red velvet. Yum :) I'm giving up sweets for lent, so we may just have to make a trip there everyday until Wednesday ;) Sawyer boy likes practicing with a spoon...
 NO I didn't feed him any yogurt! Just playing with a clean spoon!
Izzy & Tess were jealous they had to wait in the car...
Sawyer will be 3 months old tomorrow!! Look for his 3 month post in the morning!
xoxo - the Barnett's

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day from my little cutie...
 These two have my whole heart!!!
Most importantly though, today is my little sisters 20th birthday!!!!
We LOOOOOVVVVEE some Aunt Jamie!
She is so beautiful & I'm so thankful to have her as a sister and best friend!!
She is an amazing photographer & is always taking pictures of Sawyer boy for me. Click on her name above to view her blog :) Since she is always behind the camera, I couldn't find one of the two of them together & that makes me sad :(

We hope you have the happiest birthday ever Jamie Lynn!!!!

XOXO - the Barnett's

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby fingers & puppy dog nose...

Sawyer's new thing this past week is sucking on his fingers! Sometimes he tries to fit his entire fist in his mouth. He really crams them in there sometimes, he has gagged himself on several occasions. Long gone are the pictures of his sweet gummy smile...
Ok, I think you get the idea! Sorry! =)

In puppy news, our sweet Izzy has had a spot on her nose that started out looking like a pimple. It showed up right around the time Sawyer was born, so unfortunately, we neglected to have it looked at by the vet until recently. She hadn't acted like it bothered her at all, but we got more concerned as it started bleeding occasionally the past few weeks. Dr. B said it was a tumor & needed to be removed.
Izzy had the tumor removed on Monday & did great. It was sent off to see if it was benign or not. On Wednesday, Dr. B called & the conversation started like this...Dr. B: "Hey girl! How is baby Sawyer?" Me: "He's doing great, taking a nap right now. How are you?" Dr. B: "I'm good. I've got Izzy's results. Don't freak out." Obviously, after she said don't freak out I was kinda freaking out! I played it cool though as she went on to tell me it was a grade 2, neoplastic mass cell tumor meaning that it was cancer. The great thing however, is that the removed tumor had good margins which means it was completely excised & we should have nothing to worry about!
You can't really tell in the picture above, but she has 3 stitches that should dissolve over the next several days. Izzy has been feeling great & playing nonstop as usual. Now, not only does she give us sweet, puppy dog eyes, she gives us the sweet, I've had cancer puppy dog eyes to try & get things she wants like getting up on the couch or laying on Sawyer's soft blankies.

Tomorrow is the day I've been dreading for weeks, back to work for me :(
It's hard to believe that 12 weeks have gone by since Sawyer was born. I shouldn't complain, most working parents are not as fortunate as I have been to have a 12 week maternity leave. I am so thankful for the time I've had at home with my sweet boy. I would love more than anything to be able to stay home forever with him but if that happened I would probably weigh 300 pounds, Sawyer would be a little sissy boy & we'd be broke!! Ha! I've tried to convince everybody & myself, that it is impossible to spoil a 2 month old...but Sawyer keeps proving me wrong! So, me going back to work I think will be good for both of us. I am kind of pissed that we are supposed to get wintry weather on my first day back though! I hate having to share the road with MO-RONS who can't drive!

Be safe & have a great week!
xoxo - the Barnett's

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Party, Party, Party

Last week, two of my co-workers & best friends celebrated their 28th birthdays.

Lindsey is the VAD Institute social worker. She & I have been friends for several years & I just love her!We went out to dinner at Union Bistro on Thursday to celebrate her birthday!
 The girls caught me up on what has been going on at work & we laughed so much at some of the stories & drama!! We had a GREAT time at Union!!

Katie worked as a nurse on the 8th floor (where I used to work) for like a year before Kristie & I recruited her to come be a VAD Coordinator with us. She is so hilarious! Katie had her 28th birthday party at Cheers in the Heights. She had a private room for dinner & a personal bartender & waitress. It was really nice!
 I hope you girls birthday was just as fabulous as you both are!!

Sunday of course was the Super Bowl. We went to a party at our friend David's house. I didn't have a particular interest in the game & the commercials that I saw were nothing special. I had to YouTube the M&M commercial because we missed it & I did think that one was really cute just because we sing "I'm Sexy and I Know It" all the time to Sawyer. I thought half time was just ok. It may be because I'm not a huge Madonna fan. Its not that I don't like her but maybe she was just a little before my time, I don't know. I think more LMFAO, CeeLo & Nicki Minaj would have been amazing!
Anyways...Sawyer was looking cute for the Super Bowl even though he WOULD NOT chill for a good picture.
Blake would say he was so fussy because I had him wearing leg warmers :)
Sawyer with our friend Jamie. He was glued to the tv :)

Hope you're all having a great week!

xoxo - the Barnett's