Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Perfect Weekend

Mother's day weekend was an absolute PERFECT end to a very long, stressful work week!
Friday night, Blake, Sawyer & I went to hang out with some new "old" friends. Blake & Jessica are friends from way back. She has taken amazing pictures of Sawyer on a couple different occasions & we're all friends on FB. We have talked about hanging out for quite a while & finally did! Jessica & her husband are absolutely hilarious!! We had so much fun just talking & laughing...and grilling hamburgers on a whim at 10 pm! Ha! We can't wait to hang out with them again soon!
I spent Saturday afternoon & night celebrating Mother's day with my mom, Nana, & 3 sisters. We had an early dinner at Big Orange. It was most all of our first time eating there & it was SO, SO good!!
We then went to Spirited Arts! SO.MUCH.FUN.
I polished off a bottle of Chardonnay & painted this beauty...
Later that night, my middle sister Jamie & I took our mom to Denton's Back Porch to see a local band she's been wanting to hear. Again - SO.MUCH.FUN.
Sunday morning, we slept late, played hookie from church (don't judge!), ate a late breakfast & took our little cotton top to the ZOO!
Sawyer was fairly interested in the animals, but only if he could see them moving!
This giraffe was pretty entertaining...
The playground area was really nice! We had a big time running & playing!
My loves!
This tired boy fell asleep just as we were leaving...
...and stayed asleep halfway through lunch!
That evening, we went for fro-yo! Can you believe this sweet boy is big enough for his own cup AND feeding himself?!?! I can't!!
So very thankful to be this boy's momma!
xoxo - the Barnett's