Wednesday, February 27, 2013

15 Months

Sawyer Blake turned 15 months old last week!
I did this post here with an update on what he's been up to since turning 1.
We went to see Dr. B today for a check up. Before our visit today, we took bets from some family on how much everyone thought he would weigh since he has grown so much. Most guesses were between 27 & 31 pounds. My silly baby sister Brandy guessed 45!!! My dad said Sawyer probably feels that heavy to her because she's a stick person! Ha! :)
His stats today were:
weight: 24 pounds 6 oz.
height: 30.5 inches
head circumference: 18 inches
Dr. B said he was right on track with everything! We talked about Sawyer's "fits" where he lies in the floor when he gets in trouble & also about him banging his head on the floor or wall when he's mad - Dr. B said that was all normal & to just ignore him when he does those things.
We were told to get rid of the bottle all together before we go back at 18 months. He doesn't usually like to drink milk out of a sippee cup, so we'll have to work on that, but he only gets 1 bottle a day before bedtime, so hopefully it won't be too big a deal.
He got another round of shots today which is never fun. He screamed & was so mad until we left the office. He acted fine all day at Nana's but this evening after supper, he was really, really fussy. He cried & laid around on the couch for about an hour. We gave him some gripe water & Advil & once that kicked in he was back to his normal, happy, busy little self!
He had the best time playing with daddy's boots!
We have made HUGE strides sleeping in the crib! For a long time, he would go to bed with us, fall asleep in our bed & then we'd move him to the crib, more often than not though we would fall asleep too so he'd end up sleeping in bed with us all night. Well, for the past 10 nights or so, I've been putting him in his crib & lying in the floor next to it until he falls asleep because he screams if I leave the room - I'm NOT a person that can do the whole "cry it out" deal. It physically pains me to hear him scream & I can't ignore it knowing I could easily make him better. Don't judge me! Anyways, tonight I laid him in his crib then stepped out of his room to get something. I had intentions of going right back in there but to my surprise he didn't scream or cry! He went right to sleep so here I am actually having time to blog!

For fun... 
...we like to Snapchat with Brandy aka Aunt Mon, & tonight she sent us a picture of herself & said she was "thuggggin" I 'm a failure & didn't screenshot it!
We sent her back this picture...
 Happy Thuggin!
xoxo - the Barnett's

Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Weekend

I love weekends I'm not on call & we have no plans.
Saturday morning after breakfast, Blake went with his dad to Grandma & Grandpa Barnett's while Sawyer & I ran a couple errands, took a nap, and broke/cleaned up broken glass (he found an empty cup I left on my nightstand and threw it down the hallway). Good times!
Back in the fall, I took a concealed carry gun class. I received my actual license about a month ago & Blake bought me the cutest little gun for Valentine's Day!
Saturday afternoon, we went out to my parent's so I could shoot it for the first time.
 This was our Taliban target when we finished! Most of those are from Blake & my dad. I need lots of practice! Ha!
My little sister Brandy watched Sawyer in the house while we were shooting. He was so excited when he got to come outside and run around!
He loves to run. He also liked falling down and laughing about it.
Cute, crazy boy! 
That night we watched the Razorback's get beat by Florida :(
That was no fun to watch so we took silly pictures instead!
After church on Sunday, we stopped to visit Mema & Papaw.
Watching the Daytona 500 with sweet!
Sawyer was sooooo sleepy, but we skipped out on nap time and went to play with Bailey & Bianca. I'm sad I didn't take any pictures.
Since Saw went without a nap, we put him to bed early, around 6:30 pm. After about half an hour, he woke up screaming! Not sure if it was a bad dream or a belly ache, but the little stinker wouldn't go back to sleep!! At 9:30 pm he was still wide awake in bed with us watching the Oscars.

xoxo - the Barnett's 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Super Sawyer

I miss doing monthly posts about my little man.
And what a little man he has become! He will be 15 months old this week!!! 
God couldn't have made a sweeter little boy for us. He loves giving kisses. He will kiss just about anybody if they ask for it, he tries kissing the dogs, he kisses himself in the mirror & he kisses the phone when he talks to his grandparents & aunties. He's a mommas boy. He gives big, squeezing hugs & high fives. His giggle is the best, most amazing, happiest sound in the world!! :)
He is an expert walker now, and starting to be a little climber. He is in to EVERYTHING!!! He can make the biggest mess in a matter of seconds.

He likes throwing things in the trash - remotes, phones, toys - so our trash can is turned around backwards to keep him from opening it..for now. We recently changed out all our exterior door handles, they were latch style handles, because this busy body could let himself out. All the bathroom & bedroom doors stay shut to deter him from getting into things. 
When he gets in trouble, he throws himself in the floor. I call it a fit, but he doesn't ever cry. He just lays down for about 20 seconds, then gets up good to go. It's like he is giving himself a time out. I have no clue where or how he learned this, its just one of his own things I guess. I'll take it over a true screaming fit any day.
 His nickname "pretty boy" has stuck. It fits though. Poor guy gets called a girl every time we are out in public. It's getting to be pretty irritating, but what I actually find more offensive, is that people think I would have a baby girl out in public & NOT have her dressed in head to toe pink with all the frills & giant bows. Seriously. He wears plain ol' boring boy clothes. Blake & I joked that we are going to have to start dressing him in suit & tie everywhere we go from now on. :)
He doesn't say too many words yet, but he knows what just about everything we say to him means. He does a lot of "jibber jabbering". He will walk all around the house "talking" & he uses different tones like he's having a big conversation. He is going to be one of those people that talks with their hands too because they're always moving! ha! He has such a personality, & he's hilarious!
He is still really in to throwing balls. He is getting better at throwing the balls for the dogs to fetch....we just need to teach them how to bring the balls back to him, they're kind of possessive of all the balls around here. We do random searches for passies & balls around here. The other day, Blake moved the sofa & found 13 assorted balls! haha!
 I call him Super Sawyer now because of this oh' so cute shirt he got for Valentine's day.
xoxo - the Barnett's

Friday, February 1, 2013

Boo Boo

Sawyer suffered his first big boo boo this week.
Let me describe it as dramatically as possible...
We had just sat down to eat dinner & the tornado sirens started going off. We knew the weather was supposed to be bad so Blake had prepared the bathroom shelter. I took Sawyer in there straight away & Blake did what any other normal person does when the tornado sirens sound GO OUTSIDE!! I sat in the bathroom with Sawyer but could hear the weather man on TV in the living room saying Tull & Bauxite were in the path of this suspected tornado. I went to look at the TV & call my sisters to make sure they were taking cover. In the meantime, Blake had come in & was heading towards our bedroom. Sawyer man was excited to see his daddy walk by & got up to follow him. He was running & laughing behind Blake into our bedroom, tripped over his own feet & fell right into the side rail of our bed. We watched his poor little nose just swell right up. It was the saddest thing ever. I tried using a piece of frozen corn on the cob to reduce swelling, but he wasn't having that! He took it from me, got off the couch & took it straight to the trash can!! ha!
This was shortly after it happened...
Day 1...
Blake took him to Nana's first thing Thursday morning because I had started running fever so I didn't get to see him, but Nana sent me this picture of day 2...
I was diagnosed with the flu, so Sawyer is staying with Nana until I'm better. Blake went to see him this morning &this is the best he could get for day 3...
Sweet boy has been just as happy & feisty as can be, so apparently it looks worse than it feels.
I'm on flu isolation until Saturday afternoon at least. I miss my baby man so much & can't wait to get my hands on him!!!
xoxo - the Barnett's

January 2013

We brought in the new year at home with family.
We went to the boat show in Little Rock one weekend & dreamed of days on the lake in our very own boat...
Afterwards, we went to lunch at Flying Saucer. Sawyer enjoyed waving to people on the sidewalk!
We had a tacos & tequila themed surprise party for J-Pa's 60th birthday!
We spent time outside when the weather was warm!
And we celebrated Grandma & Grandpa Barnett's wedding anniversary at Toad Suck Buck's. 
xoxo - the Barnett's

Snow Days

Christmas night was cut a little short by the big snow storm!

Fortunatly for us, we only lost power for a couple hours on Christmas night then stayed warm & toasty the rest of the time. We opened our home & shower to friends & family who weren't so fortunate.
The snow was so pretty to look at!
...not so much to play in!

xoxo - the Barnett's