Sunday, September 23, 2012

10 Months

Sawyer Blake is 10 months old!!!
You are SUCH a busy boy! Here's what's been happening this past month...
- Still eating 8oz of formula every 4-5 hours
- You love to eat & love all food. You never turn anything away!
- New foods this month are cheese, mac -n- cheese, zucchini, & vegetable puffs
- You drink apple juice & water from your sippee cup
- Wearing some 9 month clothing still, but mostly 12 month size.
- You can say "I love you", "Nana", "Ma-Ma" & "Da-da"
- You get in to EVERYTHING!!
- The puppies' food & water has been put in hiding!
- You still love chasing the dogs around in your walker & laughing the entire time
- You've had 3 bumps/bruises on your head this month
- Starting to wave
- You think its funny when we call the hogs
- You make all sorts of silly noises with your mouth
- Still only 2 teeth on bottom & don't seem to be cutting any more right now
- You like to bang on things like a drum
- You whisper sometimes, which is SUPER sweet
- You'll give kisses occasionally, you are very stingy with them for the most part
- You went on your first vacation to the beach & 2 very long car rides
- You are hearing the word "NO" a whole lot, hopefully you'll figure out what it means ;)
- You can fight sleep like no other!!! It is very, very frustrating!
- You like to hang your head upside down
- You have started squatting and sitting on your knees when you play
 - Your giggle is the sweetest sound on Earth
We love you so, so much Bubs! I can't believe in just 2 months we will be celebrating your first birthday!!
 xoxo - the Barnett's

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Sawyer, Nana, my baby sister Brandy & I went to Missouri over Labor Day weekend. It was a quick trip, but we had a great time visiting family that we don't get to see near enough! We were in northern Missouri where there is nothing much other than farmland. There is a large Amish population, so one day we went to the Amish grocery store & bakery & bought fresh pie, cookies, beans & spices.  I'm sad I didn't take more pictures, but here's some of what I did get.
 Sawyer & Aunt Brandy
 Playing piano with cousin Shane...
Watching Spongebob upside down really is the only way ;)
This really has nothing to do with our trip or Labor Day, but it was the day after & I can't get enough of these 3 cuties watching the fair parade together!
xoxo - the Barnett's

Beach: Day 5

Our last day at the beach was Blake's 31st birthday!
After breakfast we went shopping at the outlet mall. We bought a few things at the Carter's outlet for Sawyer & Blake got some new lenses for his sunglasses at the Oakley store. We went back to The Original Oyster House for lunch - they had THE BEST clam chowder & gumbo! If we had known how good this place was, we probably would have eaten there every day!
 We spent one last afternoon by the pool before getting ready to go to LuLu's for dinner. It was the most fun restaurant we went the entire trip. A lot of SEC football fans were in Gulf Shores for SEC Beachfest so we all wore red, white & Razorback to dinner. 
While we were eating, a moment happened that I would give ANYTHING to have on camera. Sawyer was sitting in the high chair eating & an older man at the table behind us turned around to him and said "Say Roll Tide". In an instant, Sawyer's bottom lip curled out, his chin wrinkled & he let out the most pitiful cry I've ever heard. All Blake & I could do was say "It's okay, It's okay, you don't have to say it. Say Woo Pig Sooie". It really was so funny because he has not ever been shy or afraid of strangers talking to him. 
Sawyer started feeling bad & running fever that night (you can see his little rosy cheeks in the picture of he & Blake above) so after one last crawl in the sand at LuLu's we went back to the hotel & crashed to rest up for the long drive home.

One final wave to the baby :)
We had a wonderful, amazing first family vacation & I can't wait until next year!!
xoxo - the Barnett's

The Beach: Day 3 &4

Each day in Orange Beach started out with breakfast in the hotel lobby. Sawyer put on a good show each morning for the other guest. He wakes up in the best moods & would just talk & scream the whole time. There were lots of elderly couples there that just loved him to pieces. I always dressed in him in an Arkansas Razorback onesie or shirt to razz the locals...guess that's coming back to haunt me huh?!
After breakfast on day 3, we went to Wal-Mart for a few grocery items & went to one of the surf shop's to get a beach umbrella. When we got back to the hotel, we changed into our swimsuits & headed out to the beach! Sawyer really loved crawling in the sand...
 ...and checking out the girls...
...and watching the waves!
As much as we loved being on the beach, trying to keep this guy in the shade & keep him from eating too much sand was stressful!
We only stayed out there about an hour or so before heading to the pool.
The beach-entry pool was super nice for Sawyer because he could sit, stand & splash in the shallow water! We loved it & I need every body's help convincing Blake we need a pool at home ;)
For dinner on day 3 we went to Lambert's - Saw man wasn't so sure about those giant rolls!
On day 4 we opted to skip beach time & drove over to Pensacola to the air museum at the Air Force Base.
 We ate lunch at the hotel then spent the afternoon at the pool.
That evening before going to dinner at The Original Oyster House, we went to the beach to take some family pictures! We took our tri-pod to take our own pictures. Blake would set the self timer on the camera then run to get in the shot with us & Sawyer thought watching his daddy run in the sand was so funny that he would just laugh at stare at him rather than the camera!
We did that several times then I thought I should give it a try...
Still didn't work! After a while, a sweet lady (who turned out to be an actual photographer) walked out & said she had been watching us from the balcony & offered to take some pictures for us!
One more day to come!

xoxo - the Barnett's

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Beach: Day 1 & 2

2 weeks ago we took our first vacation as a family of 3 to Orange Beach, Alabama!
We headed out on Sawyer's 9 month birthday...get ready for picture overload!!
Sawyer slept the entire first leg of the trip.
Our half way point was Vicksburg, Mississippi. My dad is a huge Civil War buff, so we had to stop & get a picture of Sawyer with a cannon near battlefield park to e-mail him!
 We then had a snack...
 ...and back to sleep for the rest of the trip!
We stopped again in Mobile, Alabama for a break then continued on to Orange Beach!
Our hotel was super nice, contemporary, & right on the beach!
 The view from our balcony...
Sawyer loved talking to the baby in the mirrored closet doors...
After we got settled in our room, we went to dinner. Afterwards, we walked down to the beach & fed the birds! 
Day 2 at the beach went a little something like this...
We said "Hi" to the baby in the mirror...
 Had breakfast in the hotel lobby...
 Took a nap on the beach...
Played in the sand...
 Looked too cute for dinner at Wentzel's Oyster House...
and devoured some corn on the cob!
Vacation day 2 was a success!
Day 3 & 4 coming up...
xoxo - the Barnett's