Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a wonderful, long weekend. 
Thursday night my friends from work & I went to see Jamie Lynn Spears at Juanita's. 
Pretty sure we were the oldest girls in attendance, but it was a fun night out! 
Friday morning started with sweet smiles from my banana loving little monkey! 
I didn't feel well & was exhausted after work, so I spent Friday night in my bed watching TV. SB and all of his books & toys kept me company until he finally passed out beside me. 
We spent most of the day Saturday around the house. Late that afternoon we went to dinner with Blake's family to celebrate his grandparents 68th wedding anniversary. 
Aren't they the cutest :) 
SB woke up on Sunday with a runny nose & hoarse voice. I thought for sure he was coming down with the crud, so we stayed home in jammies all day. He seemed to feel ok, but did spend lots of down time watching the Toy Story trilogy and Despicable Me. 
He took a really good nap too which is rare these days so maybe he rested away the sickies. 
Blake & I were off work Monday. My family always goes to Oaklawn on the holiday, but we changed plans & decided not to this year. The weather was too beautiful to stay inside, so Blake, Sawyer & I went to lunch then met my sister Jamie at the park! She took these great pics of SB sliding & throwing rocks - his two favorite things! 
Back to work today...only to countdown till next weekend! 

xoxo - the Barnetts

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